Contract Food Manufacturing

Contract Food Manufacturing

Contract – an agreement between two parties, usually written

Food – FDA regulated goods, BRC/GFSI certified

Manufacturing – production of goods for distribution

Blendex is indeed a contract food manufacturer. Our customers often supply their own formulas, vendors, and/or packaging. Some Blendex customers only provide a formula and Blendex sources ingredients and packaging.

Contract food manufacturing appears in many forms, but the one constant is an agreed upon set of specifications that must be met every time product is made.

Blendex has over 40 years’ experience in contract food manufacturing. Let us know how we can produce your food products!

Just what is the best name for Blendex Company services?

Food co-packer?

Food contract packer?

Food Toll Blender?

Outsourced food processor?

Custom food manufacturer?

Food co-packer.jpg

or as Juliet (the famous food safety expert) has said:
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

Romeo and Juliet (II, II, 1-2)


Would Juliet say your outsourcing experience “smells as sweet” as your in house production? 

When you outsource your dry food custom blending and packaging, how do you know the outside party is safe?  Are they producing food legally?  And will they meet your tough quality expectations? 

This is the issue GFSI addresses in Section 3.5.4 Management of outsourced processing, in The Standard, Issue 7 for BRC. 

When you choose to outsource your dry custom food blending and food packaging to Blendex, you are choosing a company who scores the highest possible score on GFSI, BRC audits.  No worries with auditors who ask you about Blendex and your Supply Chain Preventative Controls! 

With Blendex, you also get a company who passed an unannounced FDA/FSMA 2 day audit recently, without a Form 483 being issued!

Blendex has been trusted and experienced in contract blending since1979!

  We maintain an open door with our food clients - we welcome scheduled or unannounced visits and/or 2nd party audits.  Come watch your products be produced to ensure we deliver on our promises!

Contact Blendex and let them know your dry food custom blending needs. 

See for yourself how “sweet” we smell!, or call 502-267-1003

Metal Detector Detects Nostalgia also?

The Blendex V.P. of Operations sent a confirmation email this week to alert Blendex staff that our new metal detector will be delivered soon.  It kicked off some nostalgia when I realized the old metal detector it will replace has seniority on me at Blendex Company!

I started at Blendex in 1993, but the current metal detector started in 1986!  It may be old, but was refurbished more than once, so it is still satisfying FDA, BRC, GFSI and our many national and international customers who audit us regularly.  50 pound Kraft bagged custom blends and poly bag in a box food mixes pass through it now, and it handles the flow just fine.

The update of the metal detector caused a bit more nostalgia for me as I thought of the changes I've seen since I came to Blendex in the 1990s.  Back then, we were audited by AIB as a general GMP type audit annually and we scored highly each year.  But the rise of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) hit and like many food processors, Blendex adapted to the new requirements.  Blendex implemented the British Retail Consortium (BRC) scheme and has scored the highest rating possible for the past couple years.

Our dry food blending production room has morphed every time a customer asked us to produce a custom blend over the years.  Our maintenance crew jokes that we should put all the equipment on rollers!  A price to pay when you put customers first.

I could go on with the improvements in food safety, environmental monitoring, allergen control, FSMA, new Form Fill and Seal food packaging lines, etc...but the real lesson is this - change never stops.  Either improve, or you get pushed aside. 

It is very comforting to know Blendex has changed to keep up and we are handing food safety, quality and customer service to the next generation - of both equipment and employees! 

food metal detection CCP.jpg